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Juego Playstation 4 Pistola VR + FireWall ZeroHour

Ahorra $ 500.00
Precio original $ 2,999.00
Precio actual $ 2,499.00

Paquete que incluye un Aim Controller y el juego Firewall: Zero Hour
Puntería precisa e intuitiva compatible con juegos de disparos de PlayStation VR
Tecnología avanzada de seguimiento y sensor de movimiento
Control a dos manos ergonómico
Requiere de PlayStation VR Headset y PlayStation Cámara. Se venden por separado

PlayStation VR Aim Controller Firewall Zero Hour Bundle
The PlayStation VR Aim Controller offers precise motion tracking, ergonomic design, and deeply intuitive controls to keep your shots lightning fast and deadly accurate. Firewall Zero Hour, together with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller brings an exciting level of realism to strategic shooters through virtual reality.

Up to eight players can go face-to-face against each other in two teams of four, battling in exotic and key locations across the globe. You’ll be given objectives and critical intel along the way – but always remember to act as a unit.


Your job is to bypass the Firewall access points, locate the laptop, and initiate the hack to obtain the data. Plan your approach wisely and eliminate any hostiles that stand in your way.


Protect the laptop data at all costs. Fortify your location, secure the Firewall access points, and force your enemy into choke points that will prevent the hack and protect the data.

Game Modes
Training mode: Single Player PVE:

Enter 1 of the 9 scenarios solo, test your skills and hone them. Earn XP to help boost your MP game progress.

Training mode: Multiplayer co-op PVE**

Public – Join a team of carefully selected mercs to take on an AI army and earn XP as well as glory.

Private – Set up a private match with your friends against the AI (no XP or in game currency rewards in this mode).